Vooiage is a MedTech start-up based in Madrid. Our mission is to create innovative healthcare solutions using cutting edge technologies combined with data analytics to improve the experience of both professionals and patients around the world.

Our first product VooiageFisio© is an all-in-one virtual reality application for physiotherapists to manage patient recovery efficiently and increase their motivation.

The product features:

– Immersive & entertaining therapy

– Interactive gamifi­ed VR modules

– Data analytics to evaluate progress

VooiageFisio© aims to provide a better experience to the physiotherapists, patients and their family members by creating a more engaging physiotherapy while enabling quantifi­able data capture for improvement tracking.

“Making every physiotherapy session extraordinary”


Looking for

We are looking to strengthen our network in Europe, develop new partners and have access to funding which can support us in achieving our key milestones and catapult our growth.


Ana Carolina Guglielmi