The project Theraselect aims to create new diagnostic and pharmacological tests to improve treatment for cancer patients. The basis for the spin-off from the Department of Analytical Pathology at the Helmholtz Zentrum München is specially developed methods in mass spectrometry imaging that make thousands of molecules visible in tissue samples. In addition to the cell structure, this makes it possible to see which molecules are present at which location in a kind of molecular map. This can help drug studies to differentiate between active ingredients and their metabolic products in order to verify the success of a treatment. The method also allows specific biomarker profiles to be collected from clinical tissue samples. Based on the results, doctors would be able to make personalized treatment decisions in the future. The site-specific detection of previously undetectable, treatment-relevant molecules can set new standards in diagnostics.


Looking for

We are looking for motivated people and solutions supporting our vision to find effective drugs for cancer treatment and to develop new tests to achieve higher treatment success through personalized treatment of each individual Patient.



Dr. Achim Buck