ReMeDi addresses the problem of unequal geographic distribution of medical doctors between rural and urban areas. It is a system for real-time ultrasonographic examinations. First, a semi-autonomous device will enable doctors to perform diagnostics remotely, without being physically present at the point of care. Further, the robotic system will autonomously examine patients and provide diagnoses.

The ReMeDi system consists of an anthropomorphic robot operating in a remote hospital and a control interface placed at the doctor’s location that are connected via a cloud-based connection platform on a subscription basis. ReMeDi goes beyond classical telepresence concepts: It captures and processes multi-sensory data (integrating visual, haptic, speech, patient’s physiological responses) into perception and reasoning capabilities, making ReMeDi a diagnostic assistant offering context-dependent and proactive support for the doctor. ReMeDi is able to perform all types of surface ultrasonography. Additionally, the intuitive and very convenient control of ReMeDi with force-feedback is closest to direct ultrasonography and is generally accepted by patients and doctors.


Looking for

  • Funds for completing the system for certification
  • Perform the system certification
  • Cooperation with a manufacturer of ultrasonographic scanners
  • Pilot customers also wishing to test the system before certification



Borys Chibisov