Optiflux: NeuroCision

MEDICAL FIELD: Radiosurgery
LOCATION: Eindhoven, The Netherlands




The Optiflux system introduces a novel non-invasive modality which can be exploited exactly for those cases where deep-seated structures, potentially inside or surrounded by sensitive organs, can be targeted effectively with a highly local, highly precise intersection of high energy photon rays. Recent discoveries in the space and semiconductor industries make such a system possible for the very first time. The intersection can be defined in terms of size (50μm to 2cm), shape (point,line or 3d shape), and intensity (to induce vascular remodelling, radiotherapy, or ablation). This will become a dominant platform to treat NCDs such as Cancer, Artery Disease and Parkinson’s .

Regulatory expertise, clinical & engineering talent, Series A participants (EUR 5M).


Nathan van den Dool
+31 6 39434177