There is a strong rationale and emerging trend to use immune checkpoint inhibitors in combination with other cancer therapies to enhance immune response against tumors. However, due to treatment-related adverse events, the value of combination therapy remains controversial. OPSYON generates new and effective immuno-oncology therapeutics with reduced systemic toxicities. Our technology confines the benefits of immune checkpoint inhibition to tumor cells, thus providing cancer patients a long-term possibility for progression-free survival and low risk of side effects. Our antibody-based therapeutics bring tumor and immune cells in close vicinity by specifically targeting tumor cells with high affinity and restore the activity of immune cells with a low affinity blockade of immune checkpoint receptors. Our lead candidate focuses on the emerging innate immune checkpoint CD47 in the target indication acute myeloid leukemia (AML). AML is an aggressive disease with limited numbers of therapeutic agents, highlighting the need for innovative therapies. Besides, AML provides the basis for quick success for an orphan drug to reach market approval. Currently, we transfer OPSYON’s technology to solid cancers.

Looking for

Network: OPSYON is looking for collaboration partners to complete preclinical studies.

Consulting: OPSYON requires advice concerning business plan writing, financing, business development and patent applications.

Investments: To expand our portfolio and substantiate our patent application, we would need a financial investment of 3-5 Mio. € in the next three years.



Dr. Laia Pascual Ponce
Dr. Nadja Fenn