There are more than 5 million upper limb amputees in the world. The current solutions on the market lack a fundamental feature, which is the wrist rotation. Without it, any simple task with the prosthesis become a challenge to the user and could even imply long-term harm for the user’s shoulder articulation.

Openwrist is an artificial wrist which adds rotation functionality to any kind of upper limb prosthesis. The user will be able to control the rotation of his/her prosthesis by doing little inclination movements of the head. It will be modular and easy to connect to the different upper limb prostheses currently available on the market. Even though our technology is state of the art in the prosthesis domain, the components used and the manufacturing procedure makes Openwrist not only intuitive and comfortable but also affordable.

Looking for

  • Improving the business model of our project
  • Knowing the European health care market better
  • Knowing how to get investment for clinical trials
  • Expanding our networking
  • Becoming familiar with similar projects to build alliances



Jesus Mago
Sihem Gourou