MEDICAL FIELD: Radiology: Pancreas
LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain


More than 100 million people in Europe will have a pancreatic cystic lesion in their lives, but less than a half will be diagnosed.

This kind of lesions can evolve into pancreatic cancer, the 4th cause of death by cancer in Europe with an average survival time from diagnosis of less than 5 months and currently without an efficient method or early diagnosis. The follow-up treatment of the pancreatic cysts leads to repetitive image tests for life, due to the difficulty of predicting which ones are going to be malignant and which are staying benign.

Sycai Technologies develops an AI-based software, which assists radiologists in the detection and classification of pancreatic cystic lesions, predicting the malignant potential of each one, from abdominal CTs. This ability of predicting their evolution is the key to increase the early detection of pancreatic cancer and to adjust the follow-up treatment, reducing up to 20% of the follow-up tests.


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