MEDICAL FIELD: Musculoskeletal evaluation
LOCATION: Oulu, Finland

We are developing a smart wearable platform to efficiently assess knee and other joints using multiple sensor modalities. With our technology and algorithms we aim to help collect relevant information about the integrity of the joints, evaluate certain musculoskeletal disorders or injuries and monitor rehabilitation process at any Point of Care. Our first focus is on assessment of knee osteoarthritis, which usually slowly onsets over 10-15 years, can cause long-term pain and ultimately may require a knee replacement surgery, if no other pain management measures work. Early disease management measures can help stop the disease progression, reduce medical costs, work absences, improve wellbeing and increase productivity. Current standard diagnostic tools X-ray and patient questionnaires, have limitations: require facilities, trained specialists, do not always detect early stages of the disease, have low inter-reliability, solely provide a static picture of the joint. Inmodi’s is a very short non-invasive test, which collects data while the joint is in motion and weight bearing, quantifies the results, providing a clear score and can be done at any Point of Care.



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