MEDICAL FIELD: Rehabilitation
LOCATION: Bielefeld, Germany



The effectiveness of physical rehabilitation depends on the extent a patient can exercise without the guidance of the therapist. Low motivation, the lack of guidance, and the limited time dedicated to doctor-patients interaction increase the risks of a sub-optimal recovery, thus delay the return to work and to social activities. Vecury was created to change just that.

We designed a virtual-reality rehabilitation platform combined with motion-sensing technology to assist patients in their recovery, at home or in the clinic. Our aim is to guide the patients throughout the physical therapy within a functional, purposeful and motivating context. Furthermore, our platform provides doctors and physiotherapists with quantifiable metrics associated with the recovery progress.



Mentoring: Vecury is seeking advice on business development and financing. Also, we are looking forward to familiarizing with regulations and the introduction of medical technologies within the EU.

Networking: Vecury is looking for collaboration partners to complete preclinical studies and pre-seed investments.


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