LOCATION: London, Great Britain


Drug analysis is conventionally performed on liquid yellow plasma after separating blood cells from whole blood by centrifugation. It requires a venipuncture for sampling, which can be uncomfortable for the patient, requires qualified personnel and high-tech equipment. Subsequently, the sample needs to be sent to the lab (on dry ice) for the quantification, a process which more often than not comprises multiple sample preparation steps.

Our team in Spectra&Mass has been working on solutions to make plasma sample collection and the following drug analysis quick, simple and cheap. With the help of a fast and efficient (and also more patient-friendly) micro-sampling technique from finger pricks, we aim to omit the need for trained personnel and laboratory. Samples can simply be shipped for the analysis in an envelope.

In the future, we envision to build a specially designed point-of-care mass spectrometric device to be used in hospitals for drug quantification using the samples collected with micro-sampling devices.



Investments: To bring the sample collection device to the market, we would need a financial investment of 2 M€ in the next two years.

Consulting: Spectra&Mass requires advice on IP protection, business plan writing, financing and business development.

Network: Spectra&Mass is looking for collaboration partners for the device manufacturing.


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Dr. Karin Kipper                                                                   
Dr. Kalev Takkis
Mr. Max Hecht
Ms. Ruta Veigure