1st place: Onira Research

MEDICAL FIELD: Internal medicine, nephrology, cardiology, laboratory
LOCATION: Lleida, Spain




At Onira Research we turn sleep investigation into health.

Our technology, Hiparco, is an in-vitro diagnostic test that identifies Resistant Hypertension patients that could reduce their hypertension with a Sleep Apnea Treatment (CPAP).

Hypertension is pandemic, World Health Organization consider the Hypertension as the most critical and expensive public health problem.

More than 1,2Billion people affected worldwide, and growing. 1,5B estimated for 2025.

Approximately 10% of the people affected, are patient that can’t control blood pressure despite using 3+ drugs. They likely will suffer a cardiological episode in the following 1-3 years. Those people are considered Resistant Hypertension patients. There is no effective treatment for them.

This is a non-solved situation, affecting millions of people worldwide.

Through our test, we could identify the 70% of Resistant Hypertension patients that could benefit from Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatment (CPAP). Remaining 30% don’t respond to treatment or have an opposite response. That’s why the diagnose test is mandatory to avoid risks proposing wrong treatments.

Our technology is based on microRNAs expression profiles from peripheral blood samples and the application of a software-based score.



  • Funding
  • Support & consultancy for developing a diagnostic-kit
  • Product & Market fit validation
  • Validate the right channel and customer





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