LOCATION: Paris, France


70% of medical decisions require clinical chemistry, like blood tests. But these tests have a long turnaround time – several hours to several days – which creates a trade-off between the precision and speed of a medical decision. Therefore, these tests are not suited to situations where a medical decision needs to be made fast, frequently, or far from a laboratory.

Omini develops a new generation of handheld Point of Care devices to enable decentralized blood testing when and where it’s needed.

The core of our technology is built around electrochemical biosensors that we are optimizing to allow quantitative measuring of biomarkers from a small physiological sample, at an affordable price.

Our product line will serve healthcare professionals, patients with chronic diseases requiring regular monitoring of several biomarkers, as well as users in remote areas or medical deserts.



Advice: about business plan, go-to-market strategy, CE marking

Network: Medical professionals and industrials interested in Point of care devices and decentralized healthcare

Investment: Increase visibility and exposure to Tech and MedTech investors in preparation of a seed round


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