MEDICAL FIELD: Diabetology
LOCATION: Uppsala, Sweden



Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and lung disease are the leading cause of more than 50 % of the world’s death. According to the International Diabetes Federation, diabetes prevalence is increasing globally, which also increases financial expenditure of diabetes management.

Sustainable diabetes management is essential to control and monitor blood glucose level, prevent risk of comorbidities as well as high financial expenses related to diabetes.

MaishaBit is solving this challenge by offering people living with diabetes a patient centred-care digital health platform that empower patients and increase their Quality of Life as well as increase effectiveness in healthcare delivery. The platform offers self-monitoring, digital communication, education as well as measures in the development of comorbidities and side-effects complications by using Machine Learning.

MaishaBit’s vision is to make the world healthier by delivering digital health solutions that will contribute to meet the Sustainable Development Goals health target of Non-communicable diseases.



Research: A research institute in machine learning, gamification and diabetology.

Healthcare facility: A hospital or clinic that will validate the technology with patients and integrate MaishaBit’s digital health platform.

Investment: 250,000€ for the next three years for further development, marketing and IP protection.



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Michael Nahashon