IR TechSci

MEDICAL FIELD: Oncology, diabetology, radiology
LOCATION: Nuremberg, Germany


We dream to create a cheap, pocket sized smart infrared sensor for rapid personalised medical tests. Today, diseases invisible to the human eye become clear when viewed in the infrared technology. Despite validation of these techniques for a broad variety of medical and pharmaceutical applications, mainstream usage is prohibited by the high cost of suitable sensor technology. Based on the PhD theses of  the IRTechSci founders, we have developed a new generation of infrared sensors. These are manufactured via automated and scalable processes that cuts costs by up to 95% as compared to standard commercial alternatives. IR TechSci plans to offer a smart pocket size medical sensor that is affordable, provides rapid response and is non invasive. These will be applicable to a wide range of diseases including diabetes, skin and breast cancer, providing early stage detection so that action can be taken, saving millions of lives.



Network: We are keen to find collaboration and feedback within relevant testing environments for our sensor leading to market entry.

Investments: Early stage prototype development of the smart pocket sized sensor will require €0.5-1 million in investment over 2-3 years and €1-2 million for production line construction.


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Amir Y. Amin (PhD candidate)                                          

Niall Killilea (PhD Candidate)