MEDICAL FIELD: Mammography, radiology, oncology, gynecology
LOCATION: Munich, Germany


Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer overall in both developing and developed countries. There are a lot of human inaccuracy/errors, inappropriate screening methods and medical constraints involved in the screening process. Mammography managed to reduce mortality but there are plenty of other risks factor (inaccuracy) associated with the process. Most of the time radiologist made interpretive errors which resulted in over-diagnosis, unnecessary biopsies, expensive treatments and emotional stress for patients. All these errors resulted in making mistakes in early and late detection of cancer. We are trying to bridge these technological gap between radiologists with their skills to ensure to stay skillful, efficient and smarter. Hummer is next generation end-to-end smart computer vision training solution use artificial intelligence to train and empower the radiologists to produce an accurate decision from mammograms for efficient breast cancer detection. Using HUMMER radiologist will be trained on techniques of visual detection, pattern recognition, memory, cognitive reasoning to minimize the interpretive errors during the mammography screening. Hummer will increase the skills and predictability of radiologist and empowers to minimize the false-positive, false-negative and over-diagnosis.


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Partnerships:  Breast cancer departments and radiology hospitals around Germany and Europe

Industrial Collaborations: To get asses to wide range of resources to fulfill technical healthcare sector requirements.

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