MEDICAL FIELD: Monitoring, Clinical trials
LOCATION: Cachan, France


DeepTrial is a monitoring system/platform that empower the next generation clinical trials using AI & analytics by capturing the patient’s physical and mental health conditions data and the hidden insights before, during, and after the clinical trials.

DeepTrial aims to provide a precision and personalized medicine intelligent platform for pharma and medical devices companies, enabling them to develop better drugs and have an optimal health models of the patients.

Our solution would reshape the way we design and conduct clinical trials and the whole drug development phase, using a multi-modal platform and system that:

  1. Capture and monitor patient’s behaviour, psychological situation (stress, wellness, etc), physiological response to drugs, quality of life (QoL), and uncover hidden insights; in a non-invasive way using autonomous measurement and monitoring solutions (through wearables/sensors and apps);
  2. Create a single numerical estimator of the person’s stress levels, health conditions, and quality of life (QoL) via machine learning (eQoL), not only during the “trial phase”, but also before and after the trial.



  • Validate our solution, product-market fit, and business model.
  • Access to a startup accelerator.
  • Build partnerships with pharma and medical devices companies, and clinical trials research institutions.
  • Complete the product development phase.
  • Raise a seed fund.



Mohamed Labadi