LOCATION: Madrid, Spain

is the first company that predicts in an objective, accurate and personalized way the onset of a migraine by unobtrusive monitoring of hemodynamic signals. BrainGuard helps migraines letting them know in advance of the onset of a migraine to act and avoid the pain improving their quality of life. To change the paradigm of the disease, BrainGuard provides a personalized disease treatment based on prescriptions of their trusted doctor.

Our clinically validated technology includes a wearable medical device for unobtrusive monitoring, and a patient’s App that collects other meaningful data. Personalized models built using machine learning techniques generate an alarm for the patient before any symptom is perceived with an accuracy higher than 75%. This permits patients to rationalize the use of strong medication, reduce the time spent in bed due to disability, increase productivity and allow patients to live a decent life. The technology is complemented with a portal web for the clinician that allows the objective follow-up of the patients, and the personalization of treatments to maximize the therapeutic response.



Networking: Looking for technology partners for the scale-up of our technology (front and back-end development, wearable fabrication).

Consulting: Looking for specialized advice in the area of medical product regulation, marketing, and commercialization channels.

Investment: The scale-up requires an investment of 0.5 Mio. €, and 1.8 Mio. € to start commercialization.


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