The office of the Central Institute of Medical Engineering (ZiMT) operates as an interdisciplinary communication center between the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Sciences regarding the topics of university education, research funding and translation for the industry and clinics. Entrepreneurship and innovation are fundamental aspects of local and global economic environments, especially in the sphere of medical technology and healthcare engineering. From this perspective, the Central Institute of Medical Engineering (ZiMT) serves companies as a key contact in the FAU community and nationwide. The Central Institute’s responsibility is to support promising ideas from our partners and tailor cooperation between industrial and research players. Together, our goal will be to establish scientifically innovative products, that meet real equirements of the market and to develop a strong innovative force in the Medical Valley. Our services allow for requests from entrepreneurial partners to be integrated in collaborations at the FAU and to benefit from synergistic cooperation with relevant experts that may not directly be vailable or visible to the public.



  • Startup programs
  • Startup consulting and support
  • Knowledge of current and future projects at the FAU and other universities in Bavaria
  • Interface between industry, research and education
  • Access to a network of research experts
  • Access to a network of industrial partners and coordination of interdisciplinary projects



Dr.-Phys. HeikeLeutheuser, Direction

91052 Erlangen