Medicen Paris Region

Founded in 2005, the Medicen Paris Region global competitiveness cluster aims to position the Paris Region as a European industrial leader in diagnostic and therapeutic innovation and leading-edge health technologies, thus enabling it to become one of the global centres for translational medicine. Medicen Paris Region’s partnership approach is based on the concept of economic value creation in the Paris Region stimulated by innovation, which forms the very basis of the creation of competitiveness clusters and sets three main priorities: Developing growth and employment in profitable markets in a successful dynamic relationship between YICs/SMEs, large firms and academic laboratories, clinical centres and educational establishments, promoting transfer of innovative technologies; strengthening international competitiveness for the French “health and leading-edge health technology” sector promoting those involved and stimulating the Paris Region’s capacity for innovation; Helping to increase the attractiveness of the Paris Region and the vitality of its healthcare sector


  • leading-edge cluster in health technology
  • 300 members
  • key activities: business coaching, entrepreneurship training


5 Impasse Reille
75014 Paris, France