Exal Bone







Exal Bone – the innovative personalized orthopedic casting for bone fractures, dislocations and injuries, that will change the future of orthopedics and rehabilitation. Exal Bone is a medical device combining the therapeutic and functional advantages of previously used plaster dressings and synthetic plaster.

It is made of biodegradable and hypoallergenic material ensuring complete safety, which allows shortening the implementation path to clinical practice. The technology is covered with patent protection.

Unique features of Exal Bone:

  • light, waterproof dressing replacing gypsum, stronger than plaster
  • openwork construction, allowing ventilation of the skin surface, not causing irritation or pruritus
  • can be discreetly worn under clothing

The most important feature – it allows the adjustment of the shape of the dressing to the clinical needs of the patient without unnecessary haste and fear of premature solidifying of the dressing. Possible re-modeling of the dressing, in case of swelling of the broken limb. Eliminates the situation of improper formation of the dressing, which may cause inconvenience, i.e. health risks resulting from limb ischemia.


Looking for

  • Alliances with industry entities in the fields of distribution, production or distribution licenses.
  • Contacts to representatives of the M&A divisions of medical equipment manufacturers (e.g. 3M).
  • Contacts to KOL on European/American markets and institutions to develop strategies to enter the European market (to develop schemes of the “reimbursement process” by national insurers).



Mateusz Siwak, CEO
Julia Skrzypkowska, Business Manager
Łukasz Piotrowski, CTO
Karolina H. Czarnecka, Scientific Advisor