Embio Diagnostics Ltd


EMBIO Diagnostics aims to improve the quality of life and reduce the everyday stress for people. Our goal is to create a device that monitors specific health biomarkers that are connected to specific diseases. The device will be user friendly and the end-user will have the opportunity to use it independently or with the assistance of another person. It will be connected with their personal doctor so they could see the analytic 

Health condition the moment the measurement is done. The target groups will be active users who will monitor biomarkers, vital for their health, anywhere and whenever they like; and medical clinics, hospitals, private doctors and pharmaceutical companies, all acting to support the end-users. The device will be used after a short training, and the end-users will have to prick their finger to get a small amount of blood and analyze it immediately (within 3 minutes) using our unique technology.


Looking for

We are looking to identify interested companies and investment firms that will assist us with improving the technology so that it is usable and complies with the Medical Device Regulation.

Priority is to match the needs of the industry with what we offer.



Constantinos Loizou
Katerina Loizou
Antonios Inglezakis