Deepsense is a cardiac and respiratory monitoring device that allows a follow-up of babies without electrodes, eliminating the risks of lesions and irritations. At Deepense, we use technologies of nanosensors and machine learning algorithms to improve the lives of preterm babies, parents and caregivers and allow follow-up even for the youngest, whose most fragile skin does not support any electrode.

What we do:

Deepsense is a medical pad to put under the mattress, that allows extremely precise tracking of the baby’s heart and respiratory rates. Our innovation is life changing for :

  • Patients : preterm and extreme preterm babies suffer from the stress of all the actual intrusive devices and it can lead to lofe-long scars
  • Nurse and Doctors : nurses are eager to have a device that is easier to handle that can be removed without any problems for the patient
  • Parents: Stressed by the situation of their child and the vision of all the monitoring devices


Looking for

We are looking for funding and partnership with hospitals.



Yassine Mountacif