LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain


COPD is a chronic respiratory disease that progressively blocks your airways. It creates severe respiratory problems including breathlessness and recurrent infections which lead to severe disability, regular hospitalization, inability to work and, in many cases, death. In Europe, it affects more than 60 million people costing society over €140bn.

Most of this devastation can be avoided if the disease is detected early when the downward spiral can be stopped with effective drugs, pulmonary rehabilitation and behavioural therapy. Screening programs are already in place for at-risk populations, but the current tools are ineffective, as evidenced by a continued and rising underdiagnosis rate of 75-80%.

Our device is designed specifically for primary care (where the majority of undiagnosed patients are) as a tool for the rapid (<2min) screening of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is tailored to this demanding environment: easy to use and simple and intuitive to interpret results.



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