MEDICAL FIELD: In vitro diagnostics
   LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden


AmyloiDia is a medtech company founded by researchers from Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University that builds on our invention of a method that can detect with the ultimate, single-molecule sensitivity structured peptide/protein aggregates called amyloids, and uniquely measure their concentration and size. We focus on the implementation and further advancement of this methodology for applications in biomedical research, pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, most notably for early blood-based diagnosis of amyloid diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


We seek to raise funding, 20 MSek over two years, to build portable table-top instruments for routine applications (beta prototypes), which is the first necessary step towards wider implementation of our method and scaling-up of our business. We are, however, also open for patent out-licensing, instruments co-development and research collaborations.


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