MedTech Bootcamp 2020


MedTech Bootcamp Short Intro (pdf)

The program is aimed at teams of MSc, MDs, PhD students, and/or postdocs – as well as young professionals – who have a business idea for a product still in research and development in the area of medical engineering. Specifically, it targets projects that have achieved technology readiness levels from around level 2 (technology concept formulated) to level 5 (technology validated in relevant environment).

The MedTech Bootcamp will help you…:

  • check your …
    • …customers
    • …problem
    • …UVP
    • …solution
  • …to reach product-market-fit
  • by engaging with a lot of stakeholders
  • develop a roadmap through the Medical Device Law + a clinical validation plan
  • polish the team structure
  • professionalize your pitch in various formats